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Media Server for

Live Events

Powerful and flexible software combined with performant and reliable media servers.

Video Codecs & Image Sequences

LightAct supports all the standard video codecs so you can rely on being able to play almost any video.

It also supports a number of GPU accelerated codecs which gives you the power to play videos with massive resolutions.

On top of that, you can also play image sequences either in compressed (JPG or PNG) or uncompressed format (TIFF).


Nowadays a lot of live-events use some kind of tracking system.

LightAct supports all common tracking technologies on the market such as: Blacktrax, FreeD, MoSys, NCam, Optitrack, PosiStageNet, StagePrecision, Stype and Vive.

You can feel confident that LightAct will be able to receive the data from whichever tracking technology is available onsite.




LightAct 4 has massively improved multi-server functionalities so if you need more outputs or rendering power, you can easily create clusters of several servers.

Now you can monitor what your servers are doing and modify the project file in real-time on all servers, playback videos and other content in perfect sync, calibrate and blend projectors on all servers and much more.


Iris is LightAct’s computer vision system.

It helps you calibrate dozens of projectors quickly and efficiently so you can set up your system much faster than before.

Contrary to some of our competition, you can use just one camera for calibration.

Control anything with DMX

Every property of any layer can be controlled with incoming DMX.

LightAct layers have a customizable number of variables.

And you can control any of these variables with incoming DMX.


Control anything with OSC

Similarly to how controlling properties of a layer can be done with DMX, it can also be done with OSC.

Any incoming OSC tag can be connected to a layer variable.

You can even record incoming OSC messages and replay them later.

Timecode Syncing

LightAct can sync to different formats of incoming timecode. LTC, MIDI and Art-Net all of them can be used for syncing.

Starting in autumn 2022, LightAct will also be able to transmit timecode.



In live events you often need a way to quickly interact with LightAct.

That’s why we created WebUI. It’s a simple browser-based user interface for controlling LightAct in real-time without having to open LightAct at all.