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DMX Control

Control a massive amount of DMX pixels with powerful LightAct toolset.

DMX fixture library

Every project uses different DMX fixtures. So we made really easy to make a digital twin of your DMX fixture and give you lots of options to modify it.

For example, you can choose one of standard pixel types (RGB, RGBW and others) or create a completely custom pixel type.

You can place those pixels in a rectangular, circular or a completely custom arrangement.

And there is much more.

DMX Content Mapping

At LightAct, we are aware that content can be mapped to a DMX fixture in a myriad different ways, so we made sure we give you as much flexibility as possible.

For example, you can map content to a DMX fixture either directly from a canvas – thus using a 2D workflow, or use video screens as a source of content for DMX fixture where content mapping responds to 3D position of the fixture and the screen.

Art-Net & sACN DMX Protocols

LightAct supports Art-Net and sACN protocols. These are by far the most commonly used DMX network protocols, which gives you the power to control any DMX fixture on the market.

Control anything with DMX

LightAct’s DMX functionalities are not limited to output only. You can receive DMX both through Art-Net or sACN streaming protocols.

What’s really unique about LightAct is that every property of any layer can be controlled with incoming DMX.