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Partner types

We are building a network of partners that can support your project through all the stages
all round the world.


LightAct Frontrunners have a proven track record of continuously pushing the envelope of LightAct implementations. They have completed complex and the most advanced solutions and have an excellent understanding of LightAct technologies.


Certified operators have gained a deep knowledge and understanding of LightAct technologies through training and experience. They are more than capable of bringing your ideas to reality using LightAct solutions.

Hardware Specialists

Hardware Specialists have extensive experiencing installing and maintaining our entire range of hardware products.

They can make sure that our hardware is properly installed, set up in an optimal way and also properly maintained.


Resellers leverage their vast experience in AV technology to design, sell and implement LightAct solutions tailored to your requirements. Every reseller has one or several LightAct operator staff members that can successfully bring your project to a successful completion.


LightAct Distributors are hand-picked companies capable of stocking a portfolio of our products and handling logistics both upstream and downstream. They have also been trained in servicing our hardware and have an adequate stock of spare parts. Most of them also have highly trained LightAct operators amongst their staff that can support your project from inception to completion.