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Performance & Reliability

reActor 2

reActor 2 is the platform for breathtaking live-events where everything needs to run exactly as it should.

A rugged 4U media server offering the best performance, maximum expandability combined with rock solid reliability.

You can choose from one of three reActor Base Configurations, each designed for a specific purpose. For additional functionality, you can also add various Expansion Modules.

Versatile and flexible


Double is a 2U server created to give you maximum performance and flexibility for an impressive cost value ratio.

If you are looking for a reliable and performant machine with plenty of upgrade options, look no further.

Compact and capable


A 1U server focused on providing maximum value for video and real-time projects.

It’s perfect for installations where rack space is at a premium and you don’t need a lot of Expansion Modules.

The smallest package of LightAct


Mini is the smallest member of LightAct server family, yet it still packs a powerful punch.

Equipped with the latest generation of Intel’s Core CPUs and Nvidia’s small form factor GPUs, it can output more than you’d think.

Reliability & On-site support


Battle-tested in a number of fixed installations all around the world, Sync media servers were designed for maximum reliability and the best possible on-site support.

They typically run in a 365/7/24 fixed installations and come with a global 5-year next-business-day on-site support provided by our partner Dell EMC.

Computer Vision


Iris is LightAct’s computer vision system. It allows you to calibrate dozens of projectors in just a few moments.

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