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Projection Mapping

Make sure every pixel falls to the right spot using LightAct's advanced projection tools.

Projection Study

Even before you purchase a single piece of equipment you can analyse, compare and evaluate different projection setups with LightAct’s Projection Study feature.

Compare illuminances, perform shadow analysis, evaluate pixel stretch and much more.


Iris is LightAct’s computer vision system giving it the power to understand the world around it.

With one or more PoE cameras, it helps you calibrate dozens of projectors quickly and efficiently.


3DCal is LightAct’s precise and intuitive projector calibration tool.

With it, you can obtain exact positional and lens data for all of your projectors with just a few simple clicks.

What’s even more, LightAct uses advanced pixel prediction algorithm that improves your manual calibration so that you can achieve that perfect pixel placement you are looking for.


AutoBlend is LightAct’s tool for automatic calculation of projector blend masks.

Once your projectors are calibrated, you can blend them with just one click. AutoBlend takes into account the 3D shape of your projection object and all the properties of the projectors and calculates perfect blend masks that transform multiple projectors into one seamless 3D canvas.

What’s even better, this calculation can be done in real-time which  means your projection objects can even move and blend masks will adapt accordingly.

Projector Layout = Total Flexibility

LightAct’s Layouts are an incredibly powerful and versatile node-based tool.

Among (many) other things, it also allows you to manually warp and blend the texture, apply custom polygon masks or color corrections and much more.

Output (Re)Mapping

In LightAct, the number of GPU outputs doesn’t dictate the number of projectors you can connect to your server.

Output remapping allows you to arrange several projector outputs onto one GPU output.