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LightAct software is the backbone of LightAct platform. It is a suite of software that includes LightAct, LightAct Manager and LightAct WebUIs.

It gives you all the power you need to deliver all those pixels to the surface of your choice perfectly!


Getting a LightAct server will give you all the tools you need to create mind blowing AV creations.

Every server comes pre-loaded with the entire LightAct software suite with a completely unlimited license. 

All the tools, for as long as the server is in use.



Iris is LightAct’s computer vision system. It allows you to calibrate dozens of projectors in just a few moments and to adjust your virtual scene to match reality.


Software Licensing

We realise that not all projects have the need for everything LightAct has to offer. 

That’s why we are also offering Software Licenses which unlock selected parts of LightAct’s toolset.