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Create amazing visuals by integrating LightAct and Notch through an intuitive workflow.

Total flexibility

You play Notch blocks with Play Notch Block nodes.

This gives you all the power of LightAct’s Layer Layouts.

For example, you can play one or several blocks from the same layer,  easily switch between them or pass dynamic data to them.

Everything is totally customizable yet still intuitive!

Seamless integration

Every property of your block that you expose in Notch Builder is represented as a pin on Play Notch Block node.

This enables you to easily and intuitively pass dynamic data to the block.



Map to Anything

Once your Notch block renders its texture, you have the entire toolset of LightAct’s content mapping features at your disposal.

Easily map Notch content onto one or several video screens, 3D models or projectors in your Viewport.

Output (Re)Mapping

In LightAct, the number of GPU outputs doesn’t dictate the number of projectors you can connect to your server.

Output remapping allows you to arrange several projector outputs onto one GPU output.