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Media Server for

Fixed Installations

Enjoy the unique set of features we have developed for fixed installations.

UI for End-Users

In fixed installations, the end-users are usually people who have to manage several different systems in the building. It’s important they have an easy-to-use and intuitive UI to control LightAct.

That’s why we created WebUI. It’s a simple browser-based user interface for controlling LightAct without having to open LightAct at all.

LightAct Manager

LightAct Manager is a lightweight program that takes care that the installation runs as it should at all times. It starts up automatically at system startup and launches your LightAct project at the same time.

It also monitors if LightAct is running correctly and if there’s any problem, it automatically restarts it.


Automatic Scheduler

Fixed installations run for extended periods of time. Because of this, it is important to prioritize server health and avoid possible slowdowns or memory problems which can occur over time.

LightAct Manager offers a system reboot scheduler which can be set on a daily or weekly basis. 

Visual Scripting with Layer Layouts

Every LightAct layer is built with nodes. And the arrangement and connections between them is entirely flexible.

This means you can build any kind of functionality into any layer you want – including conditional logic. If nodes and Switch case nodes are incredibly useful once you get familiar with them.

Easy. Flexible.


LightAct works well with others

LightAct can interact with any building management system using messages transmitted through one of several messaging protocols it supports.

For example: UDP & TCP messages are probably the most common in fixed installs, but you can also use OSC, MIDI or even TUIO if you need more data.