LightAct 4 Sample Projects

Below is a collection of sample projects that we created for you which should help you get familiar with the most common use cases of LightAct 4.

Learn how to do a show for a launch of a new car model. 

The project includes the car, big LED screens in the back and on the floor and 4 projectors.

Ever wondered how you can use projection mapping to bring a 3D model of an entire city to life?

Have a look at this sample project and find out!

Explore this project to learn how you can use LightAct to create breathtaking live-events.

It includes a large stage, a lot of screens and a catwalk for the performer – everything properly mapped in LightAct.

Learn how to use LightAct to surround the visitors with immersive content.

Some of it is shown on LED screens, some through projectors and some through DMX lights.

In this project you’ll discover LightAct’s powerful computer vision features. You’ll start with a basic computer vision chain that includes a simple Threshold node, Erode and Dilate nodes and a Find Blobs node. 

Then you’ll also discover more advanced Background subtraction and Optical Flow nodes.

If you are looking to create interactive multi-media installations, this is the project you should look into.