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SMG Arts Center

"Stability was absolutely crucial for this project. LightAct provided a reliable solution and with their technical support, we were able to quickly overcome all the problems."

Liu Zengxin

LightAct Programmer


Rightway Audio Consultants (Racpro) completed the first installation of LightAct in China for the concert hall in Radio Shanghai Arts Center.

In 2020, the Client decided to transform the hall into a multifunctional venue of more than 300 square meters, capable of hosting meetings, lectures as well as music and dance performances. In May 2021, after more than a year of hard work, the new Arts Center was opened to the public and was extremely well received.

SMG complete 1080p042

In the Arts Center, there is a high-resolution LED screen measuring 12 x 3.5 meters and with a resolution of 4706 x 1176 pixels installed in the center of the stage. To increase the wow effect, there are 2 additional vertical screens on each side that add depth to the video scenography.


The five screens are controlled with 4 video signals, one for the two side screens on the left, one for the two side screens on the right, and a total of two for the center screen. 


LightAct Sync 8000 server is able to control all screens with just one of its 4 DisplayPort 1.4 video outputs. The content of all 5 screens is mapped to one 4K output using LightAct’s innovative Output (Re)Mapping feature. This 4K feed is then pushed to a video processor which splits it into 4 individual video streams.


"Output (Re)Mapping feature was a real saver for us. It allows us to map content onto physical outputs with complete freedom thus accommodating any display configuration on the site."

Liu Zengxin

LightAct Programmer


LightAct 4’s new live event features allowed multimedia engineers to produce with convenience and flexibility. The venue is in full operation every day, starting with the rehearsals in the morning to the performances in the afternoon. 

This meant the workflows need to be quick, intuitive and flexible and LightAct 4 has fulfilled all of these expectations. Racpro was also impressed with the stability of LightAct software and hardware which was particularly important in such an intensive environment.

2022-05-25 10_38_55-Kitajski_Particle1.mp4 - VLC media player

The introduction of BlackTrax tracking solution is another highlight of the renovated venue. The tracking area covers the entire multi-purpose hall, allowing the actors to get closer to and interact with the audience.

By wearing one or several BlackTrax beacons on their body, the location of their hands or feet is sent to LightAct server in real-time.

SMG complete 1080p077 small screen

LightAct is also rendering interactive Notch visual effects in real-time with the help of the massive rendering power of Sync 8000 server.

The visual effects react to every movement of performers on stage thus impressing the audience with unprecedented beauty.

SMG fallback close up twice1080p097


Shanghai Media Group
System Design & Installation:
Rightway Audio Consultants


LightAct servers
1 x Sync 8000
Tracking technology

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