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"What will the art exhibition of the future look like?"

What will the art exhibition of the future look like? This question was addressed by the students of the Masterclass Virtual Design in cooperation with the aspiring artist Leon Löwentraut.

For Löwentraut, painting feels like flying – in order to make this tangible, a spatial experience was developed in which this feeling can be conveyed both analogously and digitally. The goal was to break with outdated conventions of classic exhibitions in order to inspire a young audience for art.


"Setting everything up in LightAct was really easy and intuitive. We hardly needed any support at all."

Lukas Speyer

LightAct Programmer

During painting, Leon’s brain activities were recorded with an EEG. Based on this data, the team designed a visualization that informs the viewer about color & flow of the painting.


The final artwork was 3D scanned and printed. In combination with multiple capacitive touch sensors it forms an interactive surface that detects where the visitors are touching it.


A 270° projection connects the interactable 3D-Print with the original artwork and blurs the boundaries between reality and the digital world.


LightAct was chosen because of the natural and intuitive way it handles Unreal Engine integration and its powerful projection mapping tools.

Lukas Speyer who was programming LightAct said: “It was really easy to set everything up with LightAct and the way its Layer Layouts allow you to create conditional logic is really intuitive”.


VOLAR (engl. flying) is a hybrid exhibition that makes visible the otherwise hidden processes behind a work, creating a unique experience. Through narrative and interactive elements, the audience experiences in a new way how data is transformed into a powerful story of “flying.” VOLAR is the world’s first interactively designed painting and creates an entirely new connection between analog art and digital content.


Leon Löwentraut
Visual Artists:
Alina Braun, Junjie Liu, Lukas Speyer, Melissa Schramm, Michel Lörz
Professor Matthias Pfaff, Professor Christian Schmachtenberg, M.A. Thomas Beisiegel, M.A. Marcel Adam
Dr. Martine Hoffmann – Gero Research
Sound Design:
Felix Brunhuber & Florian Fellier – Paradise LTD
Jörg Löwentraut, Gerhardt Braun Gallery, Günter Unger & Christina Rabitsch -EQ Management


2 x LightAct license
4 x projectors for the room
1 x projector for the printed art.
48 x capacitive touch sensors


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