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At LightAct, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of software performance.

With every new feature we develop, we carefully evaluate every millisecond of the render cycle to ensure optimal speed and efficiency.

Our dedication to performance means you can trust LightAct to deliver seamless, stunning visuals every time.



When working on a high-stakes project, you need to be sure that your media server solution will deliver every frame of content when and where it needs to go.

At LightAct we take great care to optimize content and data flows throughout the entire system so that every frame is develivered perfectly.

Layer Layouts

Flexibility re-invented

Create custom content layers effortlessly with LightAct’s Layer Layouts system.

You’re in control of each layer, from playing video or audio to performing conditional logic and messaging with 3rd party apps.

Connect nodes together and achieve limitless possibilities with ease.

LightAct WebUI

Intuitive Control

When the show is running, the users often need a simple and quick way to interact and control with it.

That’s why we created WebUI, which is a completely customizable browser based user interface you can use to control LightAct.

Available only on LightAct servers.

LightAct Manager

Reliable. Always.

LightAct has some unique features when it comes to unattended fixed installations.

LightAct Manager is a piece of software silently running in the background making sure your installation runs as it should all the time.

Even when you are not there.

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