LightAct 3.5.0 is out! It includes so many new features it is hard to choose the ones we are most excited about. But if we absolutely had to choose one, we’d probably go with CamCal camera projection calibration feature closely followed by new integrations such as AJA, Blackmagic, Deltacast and Stype.


CamCal is a camera calibration toolkit. It allows you to quickly and automatically calibrate projectors.

In the last few projects we worked on, projector calibration was definitely the most tedious task. That’s despite 3DCal feature. What’s more, we knew that every time the projectors are moved the process will have to be repeated.

So after Tampa Water Street project, we immediately started working on camera calibration feature. Now, it is finally here and you can see how it works in the video below.

The only thing you need to do manually is to calibrate the camera(s), however this has to be done only at the beginning of the project (or if you move the camera).

When the projectors have been moved, all you need to do is just run CamCal algorithm again and the projectors will be calibrated automatically.

New integrations (video capture and camera tracking)

We are very excited that we added support for AJA, Blackmagic design and Deltacast video capture cards as well as Stype camera tracking. 

Custom events

We added the ability to create Custom events. They act similarly to variables, but instead of a value, they save lifeline state. They are especially useful to reduce the number of connections between the nodes and to transfer events from one layer to another.


QuickUI is a window where you can add quick & accessible controls for your variables and events. It’s a completely customizable tool to control all the essential parameters of your show.

You can easily add a variable or an event by checking “Expose in QuickUI” checkbox in the properties of a variable or an event.

Perspective Thrower

We added Perspective thrower. A tool to throw content on video screens just as a projector would. With lens shifts and field of view. Works perfectly with Stype camera tracking node.

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