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Media Server for

eXtended Reality

Create combined real-and-virtual environments with LightAct's new features.

Camera Tracking

LightAct supports all the major camera tracking technologies on the market: FreeD, nCam, Mo-Sys, Stage Precision, Stype and Vive.

And you can pass this data to the camera tracking technology of your choice.


Sub-Frame Latency

Low Latency is incredibly important in any virtual production or interactive project. Why? Because it reduces the delay between the movement of a tracked camera and a corresponding change on the display or projector.

That’s why we are thrilled that LightAct 4 adds only one or two miliseconds to the overall system latency.

Two Apps, One Machine

LightAct, Unreal Engine and Notch can all run on the same server.

There are no separate render and output machines which massively reduces overall latency, complexity of the system and the overall cost.

Multi-GPU Support

LightAct allows you to use multiple GPUs in the same server. This means, Unreal Engine has even more rendering power available.

By adjusting which Unreal’s viewport is going to be rendered on which GPU, you can achieve optimal load on both GPUs.