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"After looking at LightAct’s capabilities, it quickly became obvious, it is the right system for this project."

Melvyn Law

Principal, Limelight Atelier

Limelight Atelier, a lighting design office in Singapore, contacted us in 2017 for a media facade project. The idea was to use video cameras mounted on the roof of the building and aimed at the sky to create time-lapse movies during the day and play them back on more than 1000 RGBW DMX fixtures on the facade during the evening.

LightAct’s unique computer vision capabilities combined with its flexible Layer Layouts node-based programming interface made it the best media server choice for this project. Due to the number of DMX universes, one LightAct Pro L server (a predecessor of current Sync range) was chosen.


As the project progressed to the design phase, LightAct’s Visualizer demonstrated its value by giving Limelight Atelier the possibility to visualize the entire project on a screen or in VR and to use the visualization to confirm the design with the Client. There was no need to use 3rd party visualization and rendering tools.

"The ability to visualize the project 3 months before commissioning was invaluable!"

Melvyn Law

Principal, Limelight Atelier


During the commissioning, LightAct WebUIs became an indispensable tool to create incredibly intuitive user interfaces for building systems operators, who have to manage dozens of similar building systems on a daily basis.

To make operating facade lighting even easier, LightAct Manager takes care that the installation starts running correctly the moment the server starts up.


Finally, having local hardware support provided by our partner Dell EMC, gives the Client the peace-of-mind knowing that in the unlikely case of a hardware failure, help is close by.


Lighting Design
Limelight Atelier
System Integrator
Pacific Technical Products


1 x LightAct Pro L
4 x Axis IP cameras

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