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Katara Interactive Projection

Katara is an interactive projection for kids located in the Kids Club on the 5th floor of the Raffles hotel in Doha, Qatar.

It features 4 interactive games that the kids can play by around on a circular platform 2.7 m in diameter.

"It has been a true pleasure working with LightAct and we are very happy with the end result."

Alexis Bou Fahrat

ELV Project Manager, IMAR

LightAct uses a depth camera positioned above the platform to track the movement of the kids.


This tracking data is then passed on to Unreal Engine which uses it in the game and renders the texture in real-time.


The texture is sent back to LightAct and then projected onto the platform with minimal latency.


IMAR chose one Sync 5k2 server to perform the job and they were particularly happy that it comes with a 5-year on-site next-business-day warranty.


"We were very impressed by the build quality of LightAct's Sync server."

Hussein Yassein Banjak


LightAct’s Layer Layouts also allowed IMAR to automatically wake up the projector whenever the server is powered up.




1 x Sync 5k2 server
3rd party
Depth camera