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Interactive Hockey

"The whole process was excellent and the installation had a very good response."

Uli Jetzinger

General Manager, Studiotec


LightAct partnered with Studiotec to create the first ever interactive projection on a table hockey game. The installation was developed for AV show 2015 in Helsinki and it immersed the player in the 2011 Ice-Hockey World Cup, where Finland won the Gold Medal.

Visible, our parent company, created a story that aligned perfectly with the location and the theme of Studiotec’s stand on the show. It immersed the players of the game into 2011 Ice-Hockey World Cup Finals where Finland beat their arch-rival Sweden 6:1. In addition, the projection gives the players a glimpse into an incredibly rich history of Finnish ice-hockey.

One LightAct’s reActor X1 was used to run computer vision algorithms on Kinect v2 depth stream to detect what was happening on the hockey table. Based on that, the server was using real-time generated content as well as pre-rendered video clips to output video to a projector which was beaming the content onto the hockey table.


LightAct Supplier


1 x LightAct reActor X1 (predecessor of LightAct Pro range)
1 x Kinect V2
1 x Christie Projector

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