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Dafeng Technology Experience Center

Dafeng Science and Technology Experience Center, located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China, is a 28,000 square meter large building designed to showcase the latest developments in multi-media technology.

Opened in May 2023, it brings together advanced stage technologies and invites the visitors to immerse themselves in 5 floors of sound & light show run on LightAct reActor servers.

"LightAct’s multi-user and load distribution features were incredibly useful in this project."

Liu Zengxin

LightAct Programmer

The project consists of a large atrium with several AV systems, a wall projection in the lobby, a time tunnel and an interactive space.

All of these spaces create an immersive visual journey the visitors embark on.


Rightway Audio Consultants who installed and programmed reActor servers chose 4 reActor v servers equipped with 2 main GPUs so that each of them can push out a massive 8 x 4K pixels. Altogether they are controlling more than 1000 square meters of LED screens totalling more than 31 billion pixels.


On top of that, one reActor rt with 8 x 4K outputs is used for real-time graphics pushed out to 27 HD projectors. The content is streamed from 2 render nodes over the network with no noticeable latency.


Liu Zengxin who was the main LightAct programmer on this project was particularly excited about LightAct’s load distribution features: “LightAct’s load distribution feature was incredibly useful, because with a large project like this with hundreds of gigabytes of assets, it is very important that the load is efficiently distributed within the cluster of servers”.


The entire atrium is projection mapped and as a 3D model wasn’t available, the team decided to proceed with 2D projection mapping approach. They used LightAct’s video output window to its fullest extent – they created sub-areas on individual canvases and mapped them to the correct areas on the 4K physical outputs.


"LightAct's Multi-User functionality is an amazing time-saver on larger projects like this one."

Liu Zengxin

LightAct Programmer

Here’s what Liu had to say about this feature: “I really liked LightAct’s video output window where I could do most of my projection mapping. Sub-areas are incredibly useful as they allow you to map content to outputs directly from LightAct canvases.


Rightway’s team was also using LightAct’s multi-user functionality which allows many users to work on the project at the same time thus drastically reducing the setup time.