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LightAct Boost

LightAct Boost is a proactive and focused support guiding you through your first few LightAct projects.

We know how difficult it is to switch to a new media server. That’s why we launched LightAct Boost!

It’s a supercharged support system giving you precise and on point guidance on the best way to use LightAct in your project.

How does it work?

The most efficient way to take advantage of Boost is to do one of the following:

Once we receive one of the above, we will get to work and program the first version of LightAct project file for you.

As your project gets closer, we will work hand in hand with you and proactively guide right up until show time.

Who qualifies for Boost?

Every LightAct Frontrunner and every buyer of one of our servers is automatically eligible for Boost support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We really really really want you to succeed using LightAct so we go to extreme lengths to ensure that you do.

Every LightAct Frontrunner and every buyer of one of LightAct servers is eligible for Boost.


Just send us an email to