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The most versatile and powerful 2U server on the market

Efficient & Versatile

Double is a 2U server created to give you maximum performance and flexibility for an impressive cost value ratio.

If you are looking for a reliable and performant machine with plenty of upgrade options, look no further.

3 Base Configurations

Double xr

Top notch real-time performance

Double xr is a 2U server with the highest possible real-time rendering capability ensured by the best of the latest generation of GPUs by Nvidia. 

On top of that, you can also include a number of Expansion Modules such as Sync cards, video or audio IO, faster network cards and others.

Double rt

A solution for real-time and video

Double rt is a perfect server for general media server applications where both video playback as well as real-time rendering is required. It includes the latest generation of Nvidia GPU giving you a rock solid real-time rendering capability.

A media server for a wide range of applications.

Double v

Video playback in 2U form

Double v is a perfect machine for video playback in a variety of applications. Its 2U housing gives you ample space for Expansion Modules such as a second GPU, Sync cards, video or audio IO, faster network cards or others.

Double v is the best solution for video intensive installations where Expansion Modules are required.

Expansion Modules

We can install additional Expansion Modules into your Double server for you. The available options are as follows:

Expansion Modules:

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