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Software Licenses

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Creator is the free LightAct license. You can use it for as long as you want, with as many outputs as you want and with all LightAct features unlocked! 

This license is perfect for:

The only limitation of Creator license is that all the outputs are watermarked. If you need to remove the watermark, you have to purchase one of paid licenses.

There are 3 license Tiers and 2 license Types. Read on to learn more.

3 License Tiers



Quick & Simple

This license tier is a cost-effective option perfect for smaller projects that require a standalone server only.

This license tier is available as a software-only.

License types available in this tier are: Rental and Perpetual.

This tier is perfect for:



Flexible & Scalable

This license tier is designed for larger projects where you need to connect multiple servers with outputs into a cluster. Servers without outputs can still use free Creator licenses.

In Pro license tier, you can also add several add-ons that enable additional functionalities.

This license tier is available as a software-only.

License types available in this tier are: Rental and Perpetual.

This tier is perfect for:



Best of the best

This license is unlimited in every way. It unlocks every LightAct feature, you can upgrade the software whenever you want and it also includes a Premium Support package. 

This license tier is only available on LightAct servers.

This tier is perfect for:

Rental and Perpetual License Types


Perfect for regular shows

Rental license type means you are renting the license for one year.

This license type allows you to upgrade the software for free for as long as the license is valid for.

This license type is available as a software-only option in Basic and Pro license tiers.

Choose this type if:


Perfect for fixed installs

This license type was designed for setup-and-leave installations where, once everything is working, you don’t need to upgrade the software anymore.

This license works for all eternity and you can upgrade the software free of charge for 6 months after you’ve made a purchase. After this period, you can buy an upgrade pack.

This license type is available either as a software-only in Basic and Pro license tiers or on some of our server models in Pro license tier.

Choose this type if:

Need help to decide?


Build your own hardware

If you want to purchase just a software license and build your own hardware, then you first need to decide whether you want Basic or Pro license tier. Click on the Compare license tiers button to help you decide.

Once you’ve made this decision, you just need to decide whether you need Rental or Perpetual license type. This depends on the type of project you need it for.


Highest performance and reliability for maximum peace of mind.

If you’d like to get the most performant and reliable hardware and receive the best technical support, then this is the option for you. You just need to decide which server is the best for your needs.

All LightAct servers come pre-installed with Unlimited license tier. This tier enables all the updates and all the functionalities as long as your server is operational.

Create the Experience

Compare License Tiers

Software-only & free-of-charge
Up to 2 x 4K
Up to 4 x 4K
Up to 8 x 4K
Tracking technologies
Vive, FreeD, Augmenta
BlackTrax, Optitrack, PosiStageNet, Antilatency, Stage Precision
Stype, Mo-Sys, Ncam
Video input & output
BlackMagic (basic video capture)
Deltacast (advanced video IO)
Multi-server workflows
LightNet (multi-server)
10-bit support
Email support
Premium support
On-site support
Guaranteed Early Access

Premium support includes: remote access, phone and video calls and support during non-business hours.

Guaranteed Early Access means that some new features might be released only on Unlimited licenses initially and rolled out to lower tiers later.

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