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A media server focused on performance & expandability.

Made to Perform

reActor uses server-grade 24/7 components enclosed in a 4U chassis. For ease-of-use, there is a convenient LCD display in the front, combined with 3 USB ports and a lit logo that intuitively communicates the current state of the server.
3 Base Configurations

reActor xr

A machine that doesn’t make any compromises! 

Real-time or pre-rendered content, Unreal, Notch or uncompressed image sequences – for users that need the best technology on the market, reActor xr features top-of-the-line GPUs, massive amounts of RAM and flexible amounts of storage.

Engineered for maximum performance proven by its 52,319 Notchmarks.

reActor rt

Designed with real-time content in mind, reActor rt is a ruggedized server with massive real-time rendering capabilities as exhibited by its 40,128 Notchmarks

It combines them with all the pre-rendered content playback performance you will ever need.

Render beautiful Unreal Engine or Notch pixels with high frame rates and push them exactly where you want them.

reActor v

Engineered for high-performance playback of pre-rendered content with massive resolutions, uncompressed image sequences or several NDI streams in a single or multi-server setup.

Enclosed in a ruggedized chassis with all internal components on industrial shock absorbers and lockable connectors, it is a perfect tool for breath-taking live events and fixed installations.

Expansion Modules

Every version of reActor can be upgraded with Expansion Modules. These modules add different functionalities to your server and by combining several modules together you can be sure your reActor will have exactly the features you need.
Expansion Modules:

Made for Real-Time

LightAct can run Unreal Engine or Notch on the same server with near zero-latency. You don’t have to use separate render nodes and output machines anymore. 

Instead, run everything from a single server, reduce the number of components and greatly increase the reliability of your setup.

Power of Multiple GPUs

reActor fully embraces the power of multiple GPUs. 

This allows you to output more pixels from a single server, render stunning real-time content in larger resolutions, all while keeping the number of servers to the minimum.

Rugged & Robust

All the internal components are mounted on industrial shock absorbers for maximum protection. Illuminated back-plate with high-quality connectors make sure the server will keep running smoothly regardless of how many times you connect and disconnect all those cables.

Perfect Pixel Delivery