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Light Well

"LightAct has a unique set of features which makes it our go-to solution for interactive installations."

Tapio Järvinen



Light Well in Lahti was conceived by Marjut Kauppinen Architects and Studio Lux Nova lighting design office. It’s a structure resembling a water well, but instead of water, there is light. Marjut and Reija (from Studio Lux Nova) wanted the light to respond to people the moment they stepped onto the glass by creating a gentle white & blue rippling effect.

Tapio Järvinen from Studiotec, our Finnish installation partner, proposed to use LightAct due to its 24/7 reliability and various programming options including the ability to integrate custom computer-vision and content plugins.


A miniature analog camera is hidden in the bucket above the Well. Its video signal is fed into an analogue-to-IP converter by Axis and subsequently to LightAct’s reActor X1 media server. reActor X1 extracts the location of people standing on the Well. It then uses these locations to create gentle white ripples on a light blue background. Video content is fed into Martin’s P3 controller, which controls Martin’s VC-Dot array installed underneath the glass.

LightAct Manager was set up to automatically restart the system every Sunday and to start the project back up automatically in an unlikely case there is a power outage or a system crash.


Lighting Designer
Studio Lux Nova
LightAct Supplier


1 x LightAct reActor X1 (predecessor of LightAct Pro range)
1 x Bosch analog camera
1 x Axis video converter
1 x Martin P3 controller
Martin VC-Dot 9 LED strings with VC feeders and power ports

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