LightAct has a new logo. Gone is the green ‘LA’ and in comes a new logo, which, we believe tells the story of LightAct in a much bolder way. At the same time it mitigates all of the problems the old logo had.

We’ve also slightly modified the name from Lightact to LightAct (it was our initial spelling actually), which makes it, we believe, visually much more nicely balanced.

The Background

LightAct was launched back in 2010. That’s when we introduced the green ‘LA’ sign. As with any company, the roads we were to take were quite open to say the least.

Through the years, though, as it became clearer what LightAct is and especially what it isn’t, we felt we needed a logo that would better express the uniqueness of LightAct.

We feel the new logo does just that.

It represents an ever-evolving nature of most of LightAct’s projects, mimicks the look of nodes and its connections and has a much bolder look than our previous logo.

We sincerely hope you like our new look!

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