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LightAct Frontrunners

LightAct Frontrunner Program brings together LightAct operators who continuously push the boundaries of what's possible.

At LightAct we are committed to support creators and AV professionals as much as we can. 

For this reason, we established LightAct Frontrunners Program to reward people who keep pushing LightAct to its limits while creating amazing projects.

Benefits of the Program

Every LightAct Frontrunner gets to enjoy a number of perks and benefits:

*Only if you agree

Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary goal is to give something back to the users who create amazing things with LightAct, spend time learning it and giving us feedback and suggestions through various channels.

Secondly, we place enormous value on open lines of communication between us and our users. Therefore, by participating in this program, you can expect one of us to reach out to you every few weeks to ask how are you progressing.

Anyone can apply.
You’ll get a Creator Rental license valid for 4 months. You can always extend it later at no additional cost as long as you are part of the program.
Yes, you can.

Not necessarily.

However, if you want to have the license on a dongle and you don’t have any available Codemeter dongle, we will have to charge you 89€+shipping costs for the LightAct dongle.

Not much really.

We will contact you every few weeks to ask what are you working on with LightAct and also talk to you about features that you miss in LightAct.

Please apply using this form.

If you are accepted we will contact you. If you are not, we might not.

We strive to reply in 2 weeks, but sometimes it takes longer.

Sure. Just let us know and we’ll remove you.