It’s been a busy few months since our last release and we are absolutely thrilled about the new tools and integrations.

But what what we are most excited about though, is to see what you are going to do with all the new tools and features.

So let’s go through the biggest additions…

Tracking Technology

LightAct 3.3.2 supports 3 most common tracking protocols on the market: BlackTrax, OptiTrack and PosiStageNet.

With PSN you can also get data from other providers of kinetic and tracking technology such as ZacTrack, Kinesys, TAIT, Stype, Stagetracker and many others…

Together with 3 real-time engines that LightAct works seamlessly with, this gives you some serious power.

Projector AutoBlend

While still in Experimental phase, we are very excited about projector AutoBlend feature. When projecting on complex 3D objects with several projectors you often want the entire object to be of the same brightness regardless of how many projectors are projecting on any given part of the object. Up until now, the only option you had was to draw dozens of polygon masks with Texture Polygon Mask node.

Enter AutoBlend, which calculates the brightness of every pixel in every projector based on the shape of the 3D objects.

TouchDesigner Data and Texture Sharing

We are big fans of TouchDesigner! That’s why we are very happy that our and TD’s users can now send Channels (CHOP) and Textures (TOP) via TouchDesigner’s SharedMemoryOut nodes directly to LightAct.

(that’s on top of texture sharing via Spout, of course)

Create Interactive Worlds!

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