After many months of work, we are finally releasing 3.3.0 into the wild!

It’s got so many new and exciting features that you will be amazed. 

Notch & Unity support

Almost 2 years ago LightAct enabled full Unreal Engine support. It was and still is one of our most successful real-time integrations which was behind some of our most exciting projects.

But, we soon realized that while UE4 is great for photorealistic rendering and games logic, it can be a bit cumbersome for visual effects. And that’s why we are so excited that 3.3.0 enables full Notch integration. We cannot wait to see what amazing VFX our users will do with LightAct & Notch.

On the other hand, some of our users told us that while Unity and UE4 both can do a lot of similar things, they also both have a significant learning curve. So instead of forcing all of Unity users that want to use LightAct, to switch to UE4, we instead integrated Unity as well. We published 2 free Unity plugins that take care of 2-way texture and data sharing between the 2 apps.

This, of course, doesn’t mean our support of UE4 is ending. On the contrary, in the next month or so, we will publish some very exciting projection mapping upgrades for UE4 workflow. Stay tuned!

New Servers

Another partnership that went really well for us is the one we have with Dell EMC. They manufacture all of our servers and their support and global on-site warranty have been really beneficial to us.

That’s why, when launching our new servers, we didn’t think twice about whom to call.

We took 2 of Dell’s established rack platforms and launched 2 ranges of servers: Pro Solo and Pro Sync.

Pro Solo

Pro Solos are compact 1U servers designed for single-server installations.

But the 1U form factor shouldn’t confuse you to think they don’t pack a punch. They come in 4 versions: 400, 2000, 4000 and 6000. The number signifies the type of Quadro NVidia card installed. This means that, yes, Pro Solo 6000 has one insanely powerful Quadro RTX 6000 card in it!

Pro Sync

Pro Syncs are 2U servers designed for multi-server installations.

They come in 2 flavors, Sync 4000 and Sync 6000 and, similarly to Solos, the number tells you the model of Quadro NVidia RTX card used. This means that Pro Sync 6000 has a Quadro RTX 6000 as well as Quadro Sync II in it. 

New Projection Tools

We’ve had the pleasure to be involved in some exciting projection mapping projects recently (to be published soon) and as a result of it, we’ve significantly upgraded our projection mapping tools. Everything is quicker and more intuitive to do and 3DCal (our 3D projector calibration toolset) has received the largest number of improvements.

Also, LightAct can now import Dome Projection‘s projector warp & blend data. This gives LightAct an ability to use camera based projection calibration.

WebUIs improvements

Last but not least, LightAct WebUIs have received a number of cool upgrades. New widgets such as checkbox, image, separators and datetime pickers make WebUIs more powerful, versatile and easier to stylize

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