General License Questions

Creator is one of LightAct’s licenses. It’s completely free of charge yet it still allows you to use all LightAct’s features and also save your work. On top of that, it has an unlimited number of outputs and inputs. The only limitation, however, is that all the outputs are watermarked.

The licenses can be delivered on a dongle or via a CodeMeter update file. Read more about it in our user documentation.

The usage period starts counting down only when you activate your licence from within LightAct. This means you can purchase your licence well in advance and activate it only when you actually start using it. After it is activated, the usage period starts counting down even if you are not using the licence anymore. Once the usage period expires, LightAct reverts to Creator license automatically.

How many outputs your license has, determines the maximum number of pixels that you can output through your video outputs or various outputs in the Devices window. 

Yes, there is. You can use it for ever without a watermark.

For up to 6 months after the purchase you can upgrade the software free-of-charge. Upgrades after that, can be purchased as well.

Yes, you can.

You can upgrade the software free-of-charge for up to 6 months after the purchase. Upgrades after that can be purchased as well.

LightAct servers come with Unlimited license.

Licence Upgrading and Downgrading

Yes, you can always do that. Please contact us and we’ll take it from there.

Dongles & Computer-bound licenses

Not necessarily. For example, you can have your license bound to your computer. This way, you can usually receive your license a bit faster and you don’t need to purchase the dongle.

Yes, you can. You can load LightAct licence on any CodeMeter dongle as long as its serial number is larger than 3-344…. For more info head to our user documentation.

If you have you license on a dongle, then you simply connect the dongle to your new computer and apply the license in LightAct.

If you are using a computer-bound license, then the process is a bit more involved and as it is manual, we need to charge you a small fee for it.

A floating license is when you decide to install your license on a dongle. This allows you to move license freely between computers. Essentially it ‘floats’ from one computer to the next.

Yes, you can. You can freely switch between them as much as you like from within LightAct software.

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