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Video screens in Lightact are a digital representation of real video screens. They can grab content from canvases or throwers and can output content to physical outputs on your graphics card. Additionally, they can be a source of content to eDMX fixtures as well. Video screens are inserted in Visualizer by right-clicking somewhere in the empty area and selecting Add video screen.
add video screen


When you select a video screen in the Visualizer you’ll see its properties on the right.

Selecting canvas in video screens source tab

The 2 most important tabs are the Common tab where you can adjust video screen’s location, rotation and its dimensions, and Source tab where you can adjust from which canvas or thrower the screen will grab the content. In the Resolution tab you can adjust its resolution and in the View tab, you can set whether the screen is 2-sided and if you want to Draw screen’s normal in the Visualizer.

View tab of video screen properties

The settings in the View tab don’t affect screen’s output.

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