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Text processing in Lightact is done through a number of dedicated nodes in Layer Layouts. To avoid any confusion, let’s say right at the beginning that, in Lightact, a text is usually referred to as a string. For those that do not know, this has to do with variable types in computer coding.

String substring

string substring

String substring node extracts Output string from Input string starting at Start position of Length number of characters. So, if Input is A quick fox jumps over a dog. and Start is 2 and Length is 5, then Output is going to be quick. If Length is longer than the end of Input, all of the input is going to be output and if Start is negative, it will be converted to 0.

substring layout

String add

string add

String add node adds 2 or more strings together.

String contains

string contains

String contains node tries to find Needle in the Haystack. It outputs the 1st occurrence of the Needle or -1 if it is not found. Found is true if the needle was found and false if it was not.

String lowercase & uppercase

string lower and uppercase

These 2 nodes convert Input into either lowercase or uppercase.

String length

string length

String length node calculates the number of characters in a string.

Read string from file

read string from file

Read string from file node reads a string from a file at Filepath. If successful, Success is true, false if it is not. In this case, Error describes the error. Node properties on the right, include Timeout[s] property which determines the timeout between 2 consecutive reads of the file. Default (and minimum) setting is 10 seconds.

Write string to file

write string to file

Write string to file node writes a string connected to the String pin into a file with a Filename in Folder. If Filename is left empty, it will create a file laWriteString.txt. The extension txt is appended to the Filename automatically. If Write on change is true it does that whenever there is a change of String. If it is false, it does that every Timeout[s] seconds, which is a property of the node.

String to float and to integer

string to float to integer

String to float and to integer nodes convert a string to a float or to an integer.

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