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Lightact works with Intel RealSense depth cameras. You can use their depth feed for various purposes, interactive installations being probably the most common application.

[vc_message]Please note, Lightact has been tested only with D435 RealSense camera. There have been some reports that it doesn’t work with D435i.[/vc_message]

To import their feeds (depth or RGB) you should first open the Devices window by pressing F7 or going to Window and then clicking on the Devices.

add realsense reader

When it opens, right-click somewhere in the empty area, hover above RealSense and click on Add reader.

realsense stream

Select the node and, in the properties on the right, select the RealSense camera that’s connected to your computer.

realsense camera

Also on the right side, there are additional Camera settings that you may want to play with. You can adjust the resolution and the framerate of RGB and stereo streams as well as the false-color colorizer of the stereo stream. Usually, the default values work well, but playing with the settings may offer some opportunities to reduce cost.

checkbox realsense

On the node itself, select one of the streams you want to use by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. To reduce the cost, we recommend checking only the stream that you want to use.

Setup in Layer Layouts

Create a new layer and open its layout by double-clicking on the layer.

adding realsense listener

Right-click somewhere in the empty area and, in the search box, type in realsense. Once RealSense listener menu entry appears, click on it.

RealSense reader

Select the new node and in its properties on the right, click on the RealSense reader you inserted in the Devices window before.

realsense depth stream

That’s it! The only thing you need to do is to connect the texture outputs of the RealSense listener node to whatever you want it to. Please note that in the image above, the RGB stream output is empty because we didn’t check the RGB stream checkbox on the RealSense reader node in the Devices window. If we go back and check both checkboxes, then we’d get the following image.

stereo and rgb stream of realsense

(You should see a different guy though.)

[vc_message]Please note, you can map several Listener nodes in Layouts to one Reader node in the Devices window.[/vc_message]

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