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Lightact can play .MP3 and .WAV audio files. In order to be able to play them, you first have to import them.


You can do that by either pressing Ctrl+D or clicking on the Import button in the Assets tab. Find the audio you want to play in the dialog window that appears. Once imported, it will appear in the Audio section in the Assets tab.

In order to be able to play it, you first have to select which output device should receive the audio stream. You can do that in the Devices (F7) window.

add audio output

audio output node

When the node appears, select the device where you’d like to send the audio to and then check Streaming checkbox.

connected audio output node

A green Connected label should appear.

Setup in Layer Layouts

That’s all we had to do in the Devices window. Now, let’s create a new layer and open its layout.

audio player layout

Insert an Audio File Reader node and an Audio Player Node and connect them as shown above.

source audio file

Select the Audio File Reader node and, in its properties on the right, select the audio file you want to play.

audio output selected

Then, select the Audio Player node, and in its properties on the right, select the audio output you want the audio to be sent to.

This should be it. If you press play (or hit spacebar) you should hear the audio playing on the device you selected.

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