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This article below goes through the process of setting up reading of OptiTrack data. The process with BlackTrax and PosiStageNet is the same.

LightAct can read OptiTrack rigid body information and use it to update location and rotation of any object in the Visualizer.

The process to setup OptiTrack integration starts with inserting OptiTrack Reader node in the Devices window.

Once the node is inserted it automatically starts looking for any Motive servers on the network. If it finds any, they will be listed below the manual settings.

You can either select one of the found servers or type in the IP address of the server manually and select with connection type it is using (Multicast or Unicast). If you choose Multicast, you need to type in its Multicast Address as well.

Once you’ve made your choice, don’t forget to select Listening checkbox. If the node is receiving any data, it will show in the Data section.

Setup in Layer Layouts

To use the data from the reader node, you can use OptiTrack Rigid Body Listener node in the Layouts. Please note, you can create several OptiTrack Rigid Body Listener nodes and connect them to the same OptiTrack Reader node.

OptiTrack Rigid Body Listener node has 2 inputs: with Body index input you select which rigid body you are interested in, and Pos scale input determines multiplication factor which will be used for all the incoming locations.

The OptiTrack Rigid Body Listener node can be connected to Set Object Location & Rotation nodes in order to move and rotate an object in the Visualizer.

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