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Lightact can read incoming MIDI signals. If you connect a MIDI USB device (such as KORG nanoKontrol2, for example) and want to read its MIDI signals, the starting point is to open Devices window.

add midi reader

When it opens, right-click somewhere in the empty area, hover above MIDI and click on Add reader. A Midi reader node will appear.

midi reader properties

Select it, and on the right-hand side, select the MIDI device you want to use. In this example, we are using nanoKONTROL2.

listening checkbox midi reader

The last thing you need to do in the Devices window is to check the Listening checkbox on the Midi reader node. The label below it should say Connected in green letters.

Setup in Layer Layouts

Now, let’s insert a layer and open its layout.

add midi listener

Right-click somewhere in the empty area and select Midi listener.

midi listener parent device

Select the node that appears and in its properties on the right, under the Parent device section, select the Midi reader node you inserted in the Devices window.

Great, now we just have to decide which value we want to read. The node has a whole bunch of integer outputs, each representing one property of a MIDI message. The New boolean output is True whenever there was a new message whereas Counter output counts the number of messages received.

reading midi value

In the layout above, for example, we are reading the value of Value property.

[vc_message]Please note, you can map several Listener nodes in Layouts to one Reader node in the Devices window.[/vc_message]


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