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There are 2 ways LightAct licences can be delivered:  on LightAct dongles or on any other CodeMeter dongle that you might have – even if it is by another manufacturer.

In order to apply the licence on your dongle please open Preferences window and head to the Licence tab.

This tab has several sections:

  • Fallback licence determines which licence LightAct will fall back on when the currently applied licence is not found.
  • In the Applied licence section you see the properties of the licence that’s currently applied.
  • In the All available licences you see all available LightAct licences found on your PC. This list is automatically refreshed every minute or so, but you can also press the Refresh button to do it manually.

Additional resources

Activating your licence

All the licences except Player Perpetual need to be activated before they can be applied. This is an irreversible step which means that from that point on, the usage period will start counting down. Player Perpetual licence doesn’t have usage period, so you can always apply it.

To activate a licence you simply right click on it and select Activate. A warning dialog will pop up where you click Yes.

Applying your licence

Once your licence is activated you can apply it. You do that by, again, right-clicking on your licence and selecting Apply or Apply & Save. If you select Apply it means that the licence will be applied, but the next time LightAct starts up, it will use whichever is the default licence at the moment or it will use Fallback licence. If you choose Apply & Save, this licence will automatically become the default licence to use when LightAct boots up – provided the dongle remains connected to the machine.

In most cases, you’ll want to use Apply & Save option.

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