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There are several licenses of LightAct. If you’ve purchased a Pro server, LightAct dongle should already be installed and the correct license enabled. If you’ve purchased one of software licenses though, you might have to do it on your own. In this guide we’ll walk you through it.

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The first step is to insert the dongle into an empty USB slot on your computer. If inserted correctly, a red LED should come on.


If you don’t have LightAct already open, open it and then in the File top menu click on Preferences.


Head over to the License tab. If your dongle already has a license burned onto it, you’ll see the license type in green next to the Dongle ID. If it doesn’t, then you have to insert the License key you should have received via E-mail. If you didn’t or you lost it, just let us know the Dongle ID and we will send you a new License key.

After inserting the new license key click on Validate. You should see a confirmation message. Then you can either click on Refresh or restart LightAct.

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