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Lightact has several interpolation nodes. They are used to slowly move the value of a variable towards a target. They are usually used when you want to make a value of a variable, be it a Float, Vec2, Vec3 or Color, to slowly follow a target. Some of the nodes are shown below.

interpolation nodes

Let’s create a layout that will make a float variable follow a random float that is generated every 5 seconds.

float interpolation layout

The lower part of the layout is executed every 5 seconds. It simply generates a random float in range 0-1700 and saves it to a float variable. The upper part of the layout continuously interpolates towards that value with the specifiedĀ Speed. Please note, you don’t necessarily have to connect anything to StartĀ input. The reason for that is that all the interpolation nodes use Start input only if it changes. If it does, the effect is as if the interpolation has been restarted.

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