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Fixture placement by csv file is a feature that allows you to place a large number of fixtures based on a comma delimited file (csv). You can use a comma, a semicolon or a tab as the delimiter and below you can see an example of a file delimited by a comma.


The columns are as follows:

  • first 3 columns determine the position of the fixture
  • columns 4, 5 and 6 determine the rotation
  • in the fixture column, you should type in the name of the fixture file from the library (it should end with .xml)
  • startUniverse and startChannel determine the start universe and start channel of the fixture.

add edmx fixture placement by csv

You can insert the fixture placement by right-clicking in the Visualizer, hovering above Add eDMX fixture placement and clicking on with csv.

add edmx fixture placement by csv window

In the window that opens, there are 4 sections:

  1. In section 1 you first select your csv file
  2. then, in section 2, select the delimiter the file is using. If you click on the Sample CSV button you’ll see how the csv file should look with each delimiter.
  3. in the Data section, after you’ve clicked on Analyze, you can see which fixtures are going to be added and how many of them.
  4. just before you click on Add button, you can also determine the placement scale. This will multiply all the positions in the csv file with the number you entered.

data fixture placement csv

Before clicking on Add button, you may want to click on Analyze button to check if everything was read correctly. In the Data section, you will see the type and the number of fixtures in the csv file.

data with errors fixture placement csv

If there were any errors in the csv file, you’ll see the number of them highlighted in yellow.

When you click on Add button, the window will close and the fixtures will be inserted.

eDMX fixture placement

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