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During the installation of your Pro server, it is very important to change the default WebUI and MySQL passwords. In this tutorial, we’ll go through that.

Changing the default WebUI password

When we ship a Pro server we set up a default WebUI administrator user with username Lightact and password YouaresoLA. It is highly advisable for you to change this password. You do that by first logging into the WebUI Builder. Once there click on Lightact user.

changing default password

Type in the new password in both fields and click on Save. That’s it.

Changing the default MySQL password

When we ship a Pro server we also set up default users for access to the database. In order to change the passwords there are 2 steps:

  • first, we have to change the passwords for 2 users (root and Lightact) in the phpmyadmin. This changes the passwords for the 2 user accounts that have full access to the MySQL database that WebUIs are using.
  • then we have to tell the WebUI back-end the new access password for Lightact user because otherwise, it will still think its YouaresoLA.

Changing the user password in phpmyadmin

Type in /localhost/ in a browser on your Pro server and you should see a page similar to this:

opening phpmyadmin

Click on phpmyadmin and in the login page that opens, type in Lightact and YouaresoLA.

phpmyadmin page

Click on User accounts tab.

edit privileges

Then click on Edit privileges. Please note you should change the passwords for both Lightact user and root user. Alternatively, you can remove root user as WebUIs don’t use it. Let’s change the password for Lightact user first, so click on Edit privileges of Lightact user.

change password button

Click on Change password button.

change mysql password

Type in the new password twice and then click on Go button. This is it.

Now, remember to do the same thing for the root user if it exists.

Modifying laConfig.php file

Open Windows Explorer and open the folder where WebUI files are located. Usually its in C:\wamp64\www\LAWebUI. In the scripts folder, you’ll find laConfig.php file where you need to change the old password to the new one. Open the file in a text editor (for example Notepad or Notepad++).

changing password in laconfig

Change the YouaresoLA to your new password and leave the quotes around it.

This should be all you have to do.

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