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WebUIs use standard web technologies so if you want, you can easily write your own WebUI. Below you will find the key components and technologies used in creating WebUI system:

  • Wamp server: wamp server is a Windows server that comes with MySQL, PHP and many other technologies.
  • Most web pages are written in PHP. Interactive elements use JQuery and Ajax.

Allowing access over network

[vc_message message_box_color=”warning”]Before proceeding, you should understand the security risks of enabling network access in your particular project.[/vc_message]

When you purchase a Pro server, WebUIs are already set up so that they are accessible from the server itself. That means that if you type in /laweb/ in your browser, you will see the default login WebUI page. And if you type in /localhost/ you will see Wamp default page. If you want to enable access to WebUIs from any computer on the network you have to modify vhosts file that Wamp server is using. The procedure is as follows.

setting up apache

In the system tray on Windows taskbar, find wamp icon. If you don’t see it, click on Start menu and start Wampserver64.

starting wamp server

Left-click on wamp icon in the system tray and then left click on the Apache menu.

opening vhosts file

Then, click on httpd-vhosts.conf file, which should open in the text editor of your choice.

Change it to:


The things to remember are that laweb ServerName should be first and localhost second. Also, in the Directory tag of laweb ServerName there should be a line Require all granted and in the localhost it should say Require local. This will allow access to laweb virtual host (the WebUIs) while keeping localhost with all the Wamp settings accessible only on the server itself.

restarting wamp

Lastly, you should restart Wamp server by clicking on Restart All Services.

This should be it. Now, if you type in the IP Address of your server on another computer on the network you should see WebUI default page.


If you are having problems enabling access over network you might want to check that your network is set to Private. If you are on an Unidentified network, you can set Windows to treat it as a Private network in Local Security Policy (in Run type in secpol.msc and click enter).


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