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WebUIs allow you to create several user profiles with different user roles and access privileges.

There are 2 user levels: Administrators and Users. Administrators have unlimited access to WebUI Front and Back-end. They can also create other User profiles. In every Lightact Pro server, there is one Administrator account already set up. Administrator accounts are usually used by Lightact installers.

User user accounts have access only to WebUI Front-end. This means they cannot modify or create new WebUIs or user accounts.

How do you create a new WebUI User?

  1. If you are a WebUI Administrator you can access WebUI Builder and click Create new User.
  2. Enter all the required user details. Please note, the default password is YouaresoLA and we advise you to change it.
  3. When done, click Save button.

How do you grant access to a WebUI?

If you to grant a user access to a WebUI you first open that WebUI. Then in the Styling and users sidebar, you select the user that should have access to this WebUI.

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