Rightway Audio Consultants appointed as LightAct’s distributor in Greater China

LightAct appoints Rightway Audio Consultants as an exclusive distributor for Greater China region (including: mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

This partnership is launched on the heels of a successful completion of Shanghai Media Group’s venue in Shanghai, China where LightAct’s servers run all of the video screens and projectors in the venue. LightAct works hand-in-hand with Blacktrax’s tracking technology and uses the incoming data to render Notch effects in real-time.

As a further sign of Racpro’s firm belief in LightAct’s technology, they decided to invest and obtain several reActor, Sync and Solo servers as well as various configurations of Iris camera kits. 

Both parties believe that this partnership will facilitate a better and more responsive support of LightAct users and enable a faster expansion of LightAct in the region. 

Mitja Prelovšek, CEO of LightAct explained the reasons behind the decision to bring Racpro onboard: “We are extremely excited to appoint Racpro as our distributors in Greater China. Racpro has the necessary skills and the resources to support LightAct’s expansion in the region and we are looking forward to helping them achieve proficiency and success with our technology.” 

Adding LightAct to their portfolio of high-end brands they already represent, will allow Racpro to enter new markets and offer new solutions to their customers. Danny Lau, the President of Racpro explained: “We were looking for a high-end media server solution that would complement other solutions and technologies in our portfolio. When we looked at LightAct, we were immediately convinced by the high-quality of their products, top-notch technical support and the speed of their development.

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Together with LightAct 4, we are also releasing a brand new server!

For some time now, we have been noticing that our Sync and Solo servers don’t offer enough expansion possibilities for projects requiring different inputs and outputs.

So around a year ago, we started working on a brand new media server. We had one goal in mind: to create a robust and rugged platform with the best possible performance aimed at live-events, XR and advanced fixed installations.

We call this media server reActor.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

A flexible and robust 4U server

We wanted to build a flexible, robust and reliable server. A server with rugged chassis, shock absorption for all internal components and robust connectors at the back.

We also included an LCD display at the front which, together with a back-lit logo, communicates the status of the server.

No one-size-fits-all

We know that every project is different. So we wanted to give you, our users, the power to design your own server configuration.

You don’t need audio inputs or outputs? Great, just remove audio input/output (AIO) module. You don’t need any video inputs? Remove video input/output (VIO) module as well.

You know what you need best. So configure your own server and we’ll build it for you.

Power of Multiple GPUs

With the development of graphic card technologies and the introduction of NVLink by nVidia it became possible to efficiently combine the power of multiple GPUs.

This means, you can add an additional main GPU to all LightAct base configurations.

Imagine the power.

LightAct 4 is now available!

The Wait is Over!

After more than a year of development we are extremely excited to release LightAct 4. While still being in Early Access stage, we believe you are going to love it. So let’s go through the major differences.

New GUI & Workflow

First off, we simply have to start with the brand new GUI!

We built it from the ground up, so everything is different (but still familiar for users of LightAct 3). For example we’ve added window docking, workspace saving, drag & dropping and many other usability features.

Achieve results faster!

Video & Image Sequence Playback

We’ve invested a lot of work into improving playback of video files and both compressed and uncompressed image sequences.

Supported codecs: NotchLC, HAP, HAPa & HAPQ in .mov containers, mp4 and others

Supported image sequences: tiff, jpg & png

New 3D Model Formats

LightAct 4 supports FBX, OBJ and DAE 3D file formats.

But wait, there is more! 

You can now import 3D models consisting of multiple objects and apply different textures to every object inside your 3D model.

Sub-Frame Real-Time Latency

With Notch, LightAct always had sub-frame latency between render-time of the engine and the ingest time of that texture into LightAct.

With LightAct 4 we’ve achieved sub-frame latency for Unreal Engine as well! 

LightAct 4 controls every aspect of Unreal’s render cycle and there is only a few milliseconds between the moment when LightAct passes new data to Unreal and triggers its render cycle to receiving the updated texture back from Unreal.

New Integrations

LightAct 4 supports all the major object and camera tracking technologies. Now there is almost no limits to what you can push into LightAct and what your content can respond to.

Spherical & Cubic Throwers

In LightAct 4, you can now use cubic or spherical throwers. This makes it incredibly easy to map 360° content to objects or video screens.

Cubic throwers are very useful if you have only a few sides of the 360 cube available, for example in Unreal Engine workflows.

Spherical throwers work with any equirectangular content.

10-bit Displays

LightAct 4 supports 10-bit displays!

Enabling this feature is as simple as checking one checkbox and restarting LightAct.

Output Remapping

Video output window has been greatly improved. For example, you can now:


LightAct 4 is multi-server ready. Create clusters of machines, transfer assets between them and sync them on a frame-by-frame basis.

Any number of servers for projects of every scale.

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