LightAct Conversations

To better understand our users and how we could help you, we are launching LightAct Conversations! It is a simple conduit allowing you to (quickly) tell us what we could do better. 

And don’t worry, it will take 5 minutes of your time at most! 

So, we prepared a short form (only one question, really) which we would be very happy if you could fill in.  

Do you think you could do this?

If yes, please fill in the form below and click on Submit when you are done.

Creator Free

With the introduction of projection study and other similar functionalities we realized we needed to change our licensing a (tiny) bit.

So today, we are introducing Creator Free. It is a new default license which replaces Creator Trial and is used when there are no other LightAct licenses available.

Features of Creator Free

This means, you can use this license to work on your project without having to pay anything up until you need to remove the watermarks.

And even then, you have several exciting options: Weekly, Yearly or Perpetual licenses depending on whether you are doing a short-term live event or a fixed installations.

Projection Study

Projection Study is a new feature in LightAct 3.7.0 which allows you to analyze your projection setup and find the best possible approach.

You can enable Projection Study through the Visualizer menu.

Once there, you can select your projectors and projection objects and the switch between various render modes such as: Projected content, Shadow analysis, Illuminance analysis and Pixel size.

LightAct 3.7.0 is Released!

It’s been around a month since we released the preview of LightAct 3.7.0 and the feedback we received from you, our users, has been phenomenal!

We pushed ahead and ironed out a few glitches, added some new features and polished the user interface so that now, finally, we can release LightAct 3.7.0 into the wild!

Main features

The main focus of 3.7.0 is its integration with Unreal Engine. Most of the new features are explained in this video or on a dedicated page you can access by clicking on the button below.

In a nutshell though, the main features are:

For a more detailed list of new features, please click on the button below.